Startup Opportunity in Energy, Agriculture, healthcare, Education and rural Development

Start-up India program launched by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has opened doors for entrepreneurs to start their business in an easy and convenient way. India Startup aims to construct entrepreneurial competencies and environment to promote entrepreneurs. This encouragement from the government will give the fuel to atheistic adventures which young people have dreamed ever to take their business sky high. Everyone who has a wish, dream, skills and experience to lead their own business has now golden opportunities in various sectors. However, it is very essential to have a keen eye on the sectors and fields that are most proclaimed choice in terms of market needs.Startup Opportunity

As it is known to all that 70% Indian population lives in rural areas, and a lot of the resources are available to be used in it. It is looked forward to develop such a business that encompasses the usability and facilities used in everywhere especially in the rural background. It will not be only a great opportunity to develop a business, but also the business will be a medium to give notable development to India’s rural arena that is generally considered to be the soul of India.

There are some best areas like agriculture, energy, healthcare and education that can determine the rural development. Your efforts in such directions will be successful as you will get sufficient resources as well as targeted audiences. There is huge demand for quality education at affordability. This is what creates opportunities for the capable entrepreneurs in education in rural areas.

Because of unavailability of the electricity and other energy sources in villages, great demand of affordable energy sources like as solar panels and wind energy system will give you the right opportunities to build a great network of your business. Any industry that can provide sufficient affordable energy sources to help farmers in their agriculture needs would have great attraction for those who depend on the agriculture for their livelihood. Also this would be a good thing for development of Indian agriculture that yet needs good energy sources for irrigation and other activities.


I have discussed earlier that most of Indian population from rural background where good facilities of healthcare are hardly available. Most of the people have to go to big cities for their treatment and have to face a numerous problems due to unavailability of good healthcare facilities nearby. Healthcare industry can be a right option for entrepreneurs. Good healthcare facilities, if available in the nearby areas, will attract people for their treatment. They would like to avail medical facilities here, instead of going to remote areas where they have to spend time and money on their travel.

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Issues of JNU and Jadavpur University-A Dent in Integrity of India

Where India is growing towards its peak of development in concern of facilities, technology and manufacturing units, there is something that becomes the hurdle in its way of development. I wonder that energy of youth of India is not going to be used in right direction because of some internal conflicts among Indians. The activities done in Jawaharlal Nehru University have given apparent sign of anti-national ideology breaded in some of the people who are living in India, but they don’t somehow love the country.

jnu_2737930f  Anti-national slogans raised in Jawaharlal Nehru University campus have cleared that there are some anti-national elements which are fighting against India’ development and can be fatal for its sovereignty in future. BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi  considers it, a struggle between “Make in India” and “Break India”. He said that some of

Anti-national slogans raised in Jawaharlal Nehru University campus have cleared that there are some anti-national elements which are fighting against India’ development and can be fatal for its sovereignty in future. BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi  considers it, a struggle between “Make in India” and “Break India”. He said that some of anti-national elements are trying to divide the nation. These incidents have shown that such divisive forces are trying to weaken the sovereignty and development of India. For the safety and security of India’s journey of development, All Indians strongly require to be united against such kinds of divisive forces.

Video clips show a group of people shouting anti-national slogans, such as, “We will continue to fight until Kashmir is freed” This reflects the direct impact of those anti-national forces which are working against India’s integration. Other slogan “We will fight until India’s destruction” also represents the intensity of terror-affected ideology that has influenced some people who are living in India.

The sources behind these developing anti-national forces might include some political bodies who seek their personal benefits. Apart from that, it may be possible that some terrorist groups are trying to break into the sovereignty of India by spreading poison of communal conflicts.

Following the event of Jawaharlal Nehru University, some students of Jadavpur University in West Bengal have created the restlessness in Indian peace by protesting Afzal Guru’s hanging.  It is known that Jadavpur University students raised a rally to represent that the hanging of Afzal Guru, the chief convict of Parliament attack was unjustified. The students participated in this rally raised slogans against Afzal Guru’s hanging.

These anti-national activities were executed by some students of the universities. Those, who are responsible for it, should be punished. However it will not be justified to identify whole students body, as an anti-national body. It can be a dent in the patriotism of the students body wherein a large number of students with the feeling of patriotism are studying. The students indulged in such activities are really handful, so all other students should not be blamed for such mean activities.

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Single Window System for Starts-up in India

After USA and UK, India with 4200 enterprises, has earned the third rank in the world in terms of number of start-ups. In recent future, it will come to the track with much more speed to take it to the next level. It was difficult to start up in India because of the complicated regulation and investment problems. But now it would be much easier to start any business with flexibility which will come from single window system, tax breaks and incentives to develop a region.
Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has declared Start-up India program to encourage the entrepreneurs. It simplifies to regulate a business in India by creating easy tax structure, single window system and easy compliance process for entrepreneurs across the country. The development of the technology has already made it easy to lead a global business from any corner of the country. The technology has joined the worldwide businesses and individuals. Now this plan will give a single window for start-ups in India, and surely it will be a great benefit for businesses.

Entrepreneurs are mostly frightened to start and lead a business within the numerous challenging tasks involved. When resources are limited, entrepreneurs feel something hectic to put much time, effort and money to navigate complex business environment that involves labyrinth of registration, approvals and permits and other archaic laws. They hardly show the confidence to struggle against all these things for bringing their business into live position.

With the single window of start-up India and other flexibilities in this program, the entrepreneurship will come to the next level. The enthusiastic persons will come up with lots of talent, energy and dedication to make this nation developed in some next decades. The single window for start-up will give a strategic direction for entrepreneurship in India to lead their business across the border with ease. Ease of doing business, clarity of taxation structure, incentives to develop regions and single window clearances are the most important things that all entrepreneurs look for before jumping to the entrepreneurship.

The most important benefit for entrepreneurs will come from the applying the single window system. Because of it, the enthusiastic will feel freedom from complicated process of permissions, registration and approvals of the cross boarder trades. It would create an ease to regulate the business ensuring the minimal effort, time and money in it. It will also be a great freedom from the red tape system what most businesses have to face.

Business regulation becomes much more difficult within the system of red tape in India that is why most entrepreneurs who start business in India but very soon realize that it is not easy to overcome the complexity of the regulation in India. They finally move to abroad where they find ease in regulation and a single window clearance. Industry experts have always been suggesting that India should realize importance of a single window of startup to create an easy and convenient way to their cross boarder business.

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Youth Empowerment through Renewable Energy in India

When economic problems due to limited presence of fossils oil and fuel are great challenges before India’s economy, in the same time, various kinds of changes in environment have affected human life. With the alarming changes in the climate and other environmental aspects, renewable energy is set to become the growing need of the hour. When it comes to youth empowerment, the role of the renewable energy is dominant ensuring different kinds of facilities, lots of job options and small business start ups for them. The use of renewable energy has been proved to be a boon for youth empowerment as well as for the longevity of the earth. To control the changes in climatic conditions and to empower the youth; a strong political will of the policy makers and leaders to use renewable energy resources is needed. The cooperation of renewable energy companies is mandatory to make this planet inhabitable for our future generation.

The article exposes the availability of renewable energy resources to help in empowering the youth generation as well as in surviving the planet. With the painstaking efforts, the conventional form of energy is being replaced with the solar, hydro, wind and Geothermal energy. The awareness of renewable energy resources is being spread to every corner of the earth; however it is by now a great challenge to bring it in the fullest of its energey

The renewable energy resources have been made available for different uses in the overall development of youth in India. In the rural areas where the electricity is not available, the solar, hydro and wind energy have empowering the youth to perform different kinds of works. These renewable energy resources have opened the doors of job options. Some of the enthusiasts implement their own small scale businesses.

Radios and calculators that were powered by the batteries having conventional energy can now be powered by solar chargeable kits. The batteries are very costly and can damage environment while the solar kit is comparatively cheaper with no environment harms. This can empower the thousands of youth using calculators, radios and other electronic devices. Emergency cell phone charger made of small solar panel for mobiles, iPhone, iPod and other mobile devices are available in the market.

In the villages where electricity is not available 24 hours, the students had to depend on unhealthy and dangerous kerosene lamps or lanterns, but now the availability of the sustainable solar lamps has made them free from pollution, dim light and extra expenditure on fuel.  Hydro, solar, wind and geothermal power are renewable energy resources that have replaced the non-renewable energy resources such as kerosene, coal and atomic energy in agriculture and numerous other pursuits ensuring the minimum expenditure and environmental safety. The government and renewable energy companies come up to encourage the uses of such renewable resources. The encouragement for producing and using such renewable energy resources empower the youth in India.

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Celebrate the Festival Keeping Nurture the Environment in Mind. Go Green Save Earth

Dear Friends our humble request for Stop burning crackers and help in decreases global warming. When we burn crackers the smoke released by them was very dangerous and they produce sound which is harmful for old people, baby children. So it is better to stop burning crackers from now.

The toxic gases an industry produces in 40 years but in single day crackers produce them in four hours.  The crackers are still creating noise pollution. Everywhere and can you imagine near hospitals? Yeah I know you might say that you will burst them far away but seriously. Let us recover what we destroyed at beginning and decrease the air pollution and global warming on the earth.

Let’s fill our homes with Prayers & Light not with Fumes & Crackers.

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WHEF has a vision of collective growth by sharing opportunities

The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) seeks to bring together financially successful elements within the Hindu Societythrough thriving Hindu business community which has contributed significantly to the India as well as world economy

The WHEF has a vision of collective growth by sharing opportunities among the Hindu entrepreneurs benefit the entire Hindu community.

An event is organized with this vision and many of the important topics were discussed which includes Opportunities in USA, Europe, East Africa, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. In order to grow collectively, concepts of Venture philanthropy, Hindu Business Networking and Social Entrepreneurship were discussed with especial focus to improving farmers prosperity.

The forum also discussed on how to promote young entrepreneurship , key success factors, and initiated a Hindu Growth and Incubation Fund to ensure easy availability for young Hindu Entrepreneurs.

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98 Smart Cities: The New Economy Driver

Sustainable Development As India walks one step closer to the futuristic concept of 100 smart cities project, the nation is seeing it as a growth driver in coming few years.
 At this stage, when the figures are more of an estimates, it is likely that the lives of most of the countrymen will be positively impacted and will lead to a better growth story running onto atleast a decade from hereon.

Massive Numbers Conservatively speaking, even if 2 crores of the houses were to be spread all over the country, the cost of an average holding of about 800 sq feet would be somewhere near 20 lakhs each. It might take a while for anyone to figure out as to how many zeros would add upto the projected sum of 40 lakh crores over next 7 years at an average of 5.71 lakh crores per annum.

If one goes as per the estimated market size of housing is about 4 lakh crore rupees with an annualized growth rate of 7-8 %. As a result of latest policy infusion the annualized CAGR may now go upto 11-13%. The expected number is expected to rise phenomenally if one adds a similar amount of investment in allied infrastructure development. Combined together they create a magnanimous image of progress, which may go on for atleast a decade.
The Multiplier Effect: The theory as propounded by John Maynard Keynes a penny spent is a penny earned has the highest coefficient for the housing sector. Due to the number of ancillaries dependent on the construction like cement, steel, timbre, brick etc, here a rupee spent is benefiting people 4.71 times over. This factor alone means, that 1.7 lakh crores would multiply and circulate in the economy to the tune of about five times the amount and benefiting people at multiple levels. This amount is still more than the planned outlay of 4,65,277 crores as budgeted in the annual budget of 2015-16. In simple words the booster dose to the housing sector would result in faster circulation of money and enriching sectors, which are directly and indirectly linked with the sector.

Stimulus for Employment Generation:If 350 is the average number of direct employees hired for a 1000 unit new project then 70 lakh is the magic figure for manpower requirement in till the said projects go on. Real Estate sector by the virtue of its structure also has an indirect employment ratio of 1:8 evenly distributed over in over 300 ancillary units providing products like cement, steel, bricks, tiles etc and services like transportation, advertising & promotion and so on. It essentially means incomes for more than 6 crore households in next few years.

Enriching Urban Lives: By virtue of its definition the Smart Cities are the ones that enrich lives of those who live in. Such cities will be complete in day-to-day functioning. World class work centres, schools, colleges, transportation, hospitals, malls, entertainment solutions and other civic amenities will be available to each and every citizen in these new age clusters. This essentially means that the standard of living goes up drastically.  As rightly said by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Every person dreams of having his or her own home. It is not merely about a roof and four walls; it is beyond that.”

Spreading out Development:With 98 smart cities declared 2 more to come one thing is clear that even the remote corners of the country have been targeted. It means that India will now witness development across its length and the breath.

The Indian Economy as of now is the seventh-largest in the world and is the second fastest in terms of growth.  In last 2 decades it progressed around 7% on annual basis. Thanks to the pro-growth stance taken by the present government, the reforms push will further launch it in the orbit of 8% plus.

The long-term growth prospective of the country also remains positive due to its young population and corresponding low dependency ratio, healthy savings and investment rates, and increasing integration into the global economy. And with all the right noises India even has a potential to become world’s 3rd-largest Economy by the time housing for all becomes a reality.

Avdhesh Goel FCA, ACS, AICWA

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