Youth Empowerment through Renewable Energy in India

When economic problems due to limited presence of fossils oil and fuel are great challenges before India’s economy, in the same time, various kinds of changes in environment have affected human life. With the alarming changes in the climate and other environmental aspects, renewable energy is set to become the growing need of the hour. When it comes to youth empowerment, the role of the renewable energy is dominant ensuring different kinds of facilities, lots of job options and small business start ups for them. The use of renewable energy has been proved to be a boon for youth empowerment as well as for the longevity of the earth. To control the changes in climatic conditions and to empower the youth; a strong political will of the policy makers and leaders to use renewable energy resources is needed. The cooperation of renewable energy companies is mandatory to make this planet inhabitable for our future generation.

The article exposes the availability of renewable energy resources to help in empowering the youth generation as well as in surviving the planet. With the painstaking efforts, the conventional form of energy is being replaced with the solar, hydro, wind and Geothermal energy. The awareness of renewable energy resources is being spread to every corner of the earth; however it is by now a great challenge to bring it in the fullest of its energey

The renewable energy resources have been made available for different uses in the overall development of youth in India. In the rural areas where the electricity is not available, the solar, hydro and wind energy have empowering the youth to perform different kinds of works. These renewable energy resources have opened the doors of job options. Some of the enthusiasts implement their own small scale businesses.

Radios and calculators that were powered by the batteries having conventional energy can now be powered by solar chargeable kits. The batteries are very costly and can damage environment while the solar kit is comparatively cheaper with no environment harms. This can empower the thousands of youth using calculators, radios and other electronic devices. Emergency cell phone charger made of small solar panel for mobiles, iPhone, iPod and other mobile devices are available in the market.

In the villages where electricity is not available 24 hours, the students had to depend on unhealthy and dangerous kerosene lamps or lanterns, but now the availability of the sustainable solar lamps has made them free from pollution, dim light and extra expenditure on fuel.  Hydro, solar, wind and geothermal power are renewable energy resources that have replaced the non-renewable energy resources such as kerosene, coal and atomic energy in agriculture and numerous other pursuits ensuring the minimum expenditure and environmental safety. The government and renewable energy companies come up to encourage the uses of such renewable resources. The encouragement for producing and using such renewable energy resources empower the youth in India.


About Avdhesh Goel FCA, ACS, AICWA

Mr. Avdhesh Goel is a professional turned entrepreneur currently working as Joint Managing Director at Earth Infrastructures Ltd. He is an accounting & finance professional with three of the top class industry recognized qualifications CA, ICWA and CS. After being in professional service successfully for two decades, he ventured to create a real estate brand in the country which is based upon the principles of excellence in quality, customer experience & business ethics. His strong determination, out of the box vision & innovation beyond imagination has turned his brand to be worth 1000s of crores. Such is the legacy of Earth Infrastructures Limited under the leadership of Mr. Avdhesh Goel Today, EIL is a pioneer in construction and real estate industry. The Earth Infrastructures is into both commercial and residential projects. The Earth Towne (Noida & Gurgaon) and Earth Sapphire Court (Noida) are among many projects which stand as testimonials for the brand. The Earth Infrastructure has also leapt in construction and development of farm-houses, resorts, luxury villas, hotels and corporate buildings Real Gains Estate Pvt. Ltd. is another company promoted by Mr. Avdhesh Goel. It is a sole selling agent to market properties in SEZ, Software Technology Parks (STP), Hotels, Shopping Malls and residential apartments IQ Gains - the most recent initiative of Mr. Goel, speaks of his leadership vision in creating a common networking platform for High Networth Individuals (HNIs) & intellectuals in Delhi/NCR. This way, he proved himself as a true networking soul. IQ Gains – The Elite Club, is a true opportunity for HNIs , Entrepreneurs and Professionals to unleash the benefits of Intelligence Sharing, Innovation in Business Ideas, Investment Opportunities, Finding Trade & Commerce Partners, Professionals or Service Providers, Angel Investors, VCs etc He has released many papers on Business Intelligence, Innovative Entrepreneurship, VC & Realty Sector . Specialties . Mr. Goel is a proven ready reckoner in facilitating and advising the right investment options in Real Estate, Angel Investment, Private Equity, Venture Capital etc. Any businesses seeking finance can also approach him with their project reports. Tags: Construction , Real Estate , Investment , Properties , Builder , Networking , IQ Gains Club , Real Gains , Earth Infrastructure , Developer , Construction , Taxation , Finance
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